Cheering on Team Canada

Today, I had a wicked time cheering on the Vertical racers. My husband and I stood by the side of the course in the last steep section (which became known as cowbell alley by the athletes) and encouraged the racers as they skinned past.

This race started at the bottom of a chair lift and went up almost 500 metres over a distance of around 5 km to the finish line. It looks and is painful.

The first athletes to go by were in the “Citizens” race – where anyone could sign up to do the vertical. I knew quite a few North Americans in the race – coaches, parents, siblings and boyfriends of some of my USA friends and my friend Jenny from Edmonton.

Next up were the Cadets, Juniors and then Senior athletes. If you like pain face – this is the race to watch. Respect to all the National Team Competitors and to those who entered the Citizens race!