Lori Anne Donald is involved in a variety of athletics in Nelson, British Columbia including skiing, mountain biking, trail running and ballet. Lori Anne applies her personal experience from training and competing as an athlete to her role as a Physiotherapist, working with a wide variety of athletes.

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Ski Mountaineering Racing

Lori Anne Donald – Canadian National Ski Mountaineering Team Member

Lori Anne is a member of the Canadian National Ski Mountaineering Team. Lori Anne started Ski Mountaineering racing in 2015. She competes in races throughout the winter in British Columbia, Alberta and the Northern USA. She attended the World Championships in 2017 that were held in Italy. She is training for the next World Championships that will be held in February 2019 in Europe.

Ski Mountaineering racing is a winter ski endurance event that involves multiple ascents and descents on skis. A typical Individual Race course will ascend between 1500-2000 m of vertical throughout the race. Races typically take between 2 and 3 hours. Lori Anne also competes in the Sprint Event, which is a condensed version of the long course that involves skinning up, boot packing, skinning, transitioning to ski down and then descending through gates (all in about 4 minutes!).

Click here to see her results – Ski Mountaineering Racing Results


 Downhill Skiing

Lori Anne Donald – Downhill Skiing

Lori Anne loves downhill skiing at Whitewater Ski Resort. It has been fun to see learn the terrain better each year and get more and more out of each day. She frequently ski tours in the surrounding backcountry with friends.


Mountain Biking

Lori Anne loves the local trail network around Nelson and can be seen out several times a week on her all mountain bike or hardtail.

She is a member of the Nelson Cycling Club.


 Trail Running

Since moving to Nelson Lori Anne has embraced trail running.  She loves the feeling of climbing up the mountain and into the alpine with just the power of her legs and the thrill of the descents. You can catch her on the trails early in the morning before work.

She has completed two half marathons and several 10 km events.


 Whitewater Kayaking

Lori Anne Donald - Kayaking (4)

Lori Anne has been whitewater kayaking for 12 years. She learned to paddle on the Ottawa River. She was a whitewater kayak instructor at a Military Cadet training centre in Alberta for two years. She enjoys playboating, river running and creeking. Her favourite local run is Wilson Creek in Rosebery, BC.


Classical Ballet

Lori Anne was in a professional ballet training program throughout elementary and highschool. She has 17 years of classical ballet training. She still loves to dance and joins in a class with Dance Umbrella in Nelson when she can.


Sponsorship and Ambassadorship

Village Ski Hut

Village Ski Hut has been very supportive of my training and skimo racing since 2015. They are the go to store in town for boot fitting and downhill ski advice. I have been able to special order skis and other needed equipment with their help and they help keep my gear in top race shape! Thank you Ian, Heather and the whole crew!


Whitewater Ski Resort

Whitewater Ski Resort has made a big difference in my training this season. Thanks for making me part of the Whitewater Athlete Team! A big thank you to all the managers, ski patrol, lift operators and alpine team coaches for your help and encouragement this season. Having a positive and safe training environment has been crucial to my continued progress in the sport.


Nuun Hydration


I have been using Nuun Hydration products since 2013. I love being able to customize my water and electrolyte replacement for training. Make your water count and check out the variety of options they offer. I use Nuun Active and Nuun Plus during training and competition. I am excited to try new Nuun Performance for my long distance efforts.