Powder Skiing in Switzerland

Today was a rest day for all the athletes. Tomorrow is the Teams Race, which is the longest of the Ski Mountaineering disciplines. Because of this, most athletes stayed off their feet today or did a mini ski tour.

I will be cheering for the Teams race tomorrow, so I was stoked to have a powder day with the Canadian Spousal Support Team (Cliff and Jenny). Our original plan was to go ski on Glacier 3000, which may be the best glacier name I have ever heard. Unfortunately it was closed today due to the weather. The avalanche danger has been increasing due to the volume of snow and wind loading we have been getting over the past two days.

We managed to find some safe low angle slopes to ski and have a great day! I feel happiest on skis when floating on pow. This was my first Euro Pow Day and it was pretty sweet. Hopefully more to come in this trip!