Ski Season is Coming!

With snow starting to fall in higher elevations and the cooler temperatures settling in, my mind is thinking about the next ski season more and more. What lines will I ski this year? I can’t wait  to experience the first powder day!

In order to have a successful ski season, the strengthening needs to start now. I don’t often spend much time indoors at the gym, but every September I return. Last year I didn’t condition my back well enough for big days and I had a slower start to the season because of it. I won’t make that mistake again!

After some intervals on the bike or treadmill to warm up, here is an example of some of the exercises I do to get ready (10 reps, 3 sets each):

  • box step ups
  • planks
  • biceps and triceps
  • single leg squats
  • bridges
  • hamstring curls
  • lunges
  • pull ups
  • one leg dead lifts
  • side to side jumps

When I lack motivation to go to the gym or head up pulpit, I invite a friend. Then we are both obligated to go and we get to have some quality time together while we plan ski adventures.

Not sure what you need to work on to get ready for a great season? Consider joining a fitness class in town geared for ski prep, do some reading yourself to make a plan, or speak to a Physiotherapist for guidance on what you most need to target.

Cheers to a great Winter and Ski Season everyone!