Foot Strengthening

After spending weeks in an air boot at the start of this year, my foot looked very different when it came out. With muscle loss, my arch had changed in shape. In standing, my foot rolled inwards. This changed my positioning at my ankle, knee and hip. All of that lead to pain elsewhere in my body.

Upon inspection, the mini stabilizers in my foot were not doing their job and the muscles from the shin and calf weren’t helping too much either.

I am still working on regaining strength. With the increased strength I am having less ankle and knee pain.

So, I decided to make a video to share one of my workouts. Here is a quick 6 minute workout you can do to strengthen your feet. Even if you have not had a recent injury to your foot or ankle these exercises can be very helpful. When was the last time your feet got their pump on?

Enjoy! – Lori Anne