Skimo Season Wrap Up – 2017/2018


The 2017/2018 Ski Mountaineering Season was a busy one!

It can be challenging balancing work, life, recovery and travel throughout the season. After a little bit of a rough start due to some illnesses, I was able to learn a lot and enjoy the rest of the season. I still have a lot to improve on and I look forward to working on some of these aspects over the summer and into the next season.

Baseline fitness – I need more of it! I will have to make sure I spend some longer days in the mountains over the summer going at a slow-moderate pace. I like to go uphill quickly. It is important physiologically to do most of your workout in the lower training zones. (80% Zone 1).

Strength and muscle balance – I have felt some improvements this season in balancing out my left and right lower extremities. After a slip on some ice two seasons ago, my one hip has taken a long time to heal. I plan to do more rolling, massage and foundational core/glute/hip work to find a more balanced strength. This winter I felt on the edge of injury a lot of the time. I plan to change that for next year!

Positive mindset – Most of the time I have one, but sometimes it goes away. I plan to do more mental training to keep positive in my training. There is no point in doing all of this if I am not having fun. I have grown so much from Ski Mountaineering and I hope to continue that!