Castle Mountain Ski Mountaineering Sprint Race 2018

On January 6, 2018 I competed in the Castle Mountain Ski Mountaineering Sprint Race. After completing the course once to determine our qualifying times we were seated into heats.

In the semi-finals I was in a heat with my team mate Michelle and former National Team member Katarina. The top two (Michelle and I) advanced to the finals.

Semi-final Heat

In the finals there was Kylee, Michelle, Lizzy from the USA and myself. I had a good start off the line, leading with Kylee.


Michelle passed me on the first switch back.


The mid climb bootpack took us up to the second transition platform.

Final climb

Then it was the final climb to the top platform. I was in third all the way to the top.


I had a pretty bad transition at the top, including my ski popping off and I had issues getting my skins in my suit. Luckily I was able to hold onto third and make it smoothly down the course to the finish line.

Women’s Sprint Podium

First place Kylee, Second place Michelle, Third place Lori.

This was an interesting day for me as I wasn’t feeling quite right, but couldn’t figure out why. I was feeling grumpy and my body didn’t feel like it was listening to me. A few hours after the race I got the flu and it all made sense. Unfortunately I was unable to race the Individual Event the next day. That will have to wait until Fernie!